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:: the creative journal ::
My LJ is FO and I don't want to clutter it with icons in random public posts, so creative journal it is.

What's here
+ icons
+ quick doodles
+ pictorial diary
+ tutorials edit: Existing ones have been locked, and I'll do up new ones if people request.

Formerly known as "shinnbutt" because my flist is twisted and think that it's the best name evarrrr for a creative LJ. I have now renamed it thanks to a gift of a rename token by semecucumber/seisei_ftw. For the curious, the new username came from 'vitalize' (meaning inspire/activate/blah blah blah for I am corny) with an added e at the front.
:: quick rules ::
:: Credit for icons. Commenting is appreciated and makes me feel loved, but it's not a norm. :3
:: Direct-linking is allowed if you want to upload a few icons into your userpic slots.
:: Feel free to try out your own icons with the tutorials; no credit is needed for that. However, please refrain from submitting icons made using tutorials to icontests.
:: credit for stuff ::
Credit for brushes, textures and images/scans are here.

Userinfo header:

Onizaki Takuma & Kasuga Tamaki // Hiiro no Kakera © Kazuki Yone & Idea Factory
Scan and half-assed colouring ---> me

I strictly don't make icons from fanart and doujinshi (of the non-licensed, no ISBN sort) out of respect for the fanartists. And CLAMP's artwork, because they've said no. :x Officially-sanctioned anthologies by publishers, yes, but rarely.
:: affiliates::
- heterogen
- primordialicons
- sakiyuki
- zeroseconds

In the process of revamping affliates section ♥
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