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16 May 2008 @ 11:45 pm
Doodles/sketches dump  
I bought a book to doodle in random stuff because I want to practise drawing proper fanart and trying to draw cleanly using a pen... but somehow it turned into some sort of pictorial diary. ._. And yeah, I prefer calling my drawings "doodles" because they're sketchy/messy and not like the OMG WHOA fanart you see in DevArt or proper fanart sites. :D;; I'm actually kind of hesitant to put this up here, but since it's meant to be a fanart/doodle dump LJ too... heh.

Pretty much worksafe (because I can't exactly leave NSFW doodles at work), but mostly on chibified!me complaints about random vehicles trying to knock me down, original characters, amusement over dating sim gameplays and... Rolo (Code Geass R2) bias as well as "nii-san/sama, kakko warui" lately. XD;;

My sketches depend on my mood and the speed I'm drawing at and my handwriting is horrible, and there may be grammatical errors, so you have been warned :)

[ ++ ] Diary - 12th Feb
[ ++ ] Diary - 13th Feb + Haruka 3 ramblings
[ ++ ] Diary - 14th Feb + Haruka 3 ramblings (gameplay here)
[ ++ ] Doodle - Nozomi (Haruka 3)
[ ++ ] Doodle - Euphemia (Code Geass)
[ ++ ] Doodle - Original Chara // Hanako (If you're WTF at the Japanese names for my original characters, please see this image-heavy Sims 2 post for explanation. =_=;;)
[ ++ ] Doodle - Original Chara // Mizumi
[ ++ ] Doodle - Original Chara // Mizumi
[ ++ ] Doodle - Hanako (Btw she's the reason why I'm biased towards Vocaloid's Miku, because she looks like Hanako. ._.)
[ ++ ] Doodle - Hanako
[ ++ ] Diary - 15th Feb

[ ++ ] Diary - 19th March
[ ++ ] Diary - 20th March
[ ++ ] Diary - 23rd March + Kiniro no Corda 2 Encore ramblings
[ ++ ] Diary - 26/27th March + Miku (Vocaloid)
[ ++ ] Diary - 30th March + Rai (Code Geass ~Lost Colors~)

[ ++ ] Diary - 1st April + Yuuto (Kamen Rider Den-O
[ ++ ] Diary - 2nd April + Shinn (Gundam SEED Destiny)
[ ++ ] Doodle - Original Chara // Hanako
[ ++ ] Diary - 3rd April + Hiroshi (Original Chara)
[ ++ ] Diary - 5th April
[ ++ ] Diary - 7th April ("Oredi" = bastardised local pronounciation of "already")
[ ++ ] Diary - 9th April + Code Geass ~Lost Colors~ ramblings. How gay is Suzaku's route? Judge for yourself. Part 1 // Part 2
[ ++ ] Diary - 12th April
[ ++ ] Diary - 14th April
[ ++ ] Diary - 15th April + Code Geass R2 ramblings
[ ++ ] Diary - 20th April + younger!Lenalee D.Gray-man
[ ++ ] Diary - 21st April + Code Geass R2 ramblings
[ ++ ] Diary - 22nd April
[ ++ ] Diary - 23rd April + Euphemia (Code Geass)
[ ++ ] Diary - 24th April
[ ++ ] Diary - 27th April + failed!Nunnally... sorta (Code Geass)
[ ++ ] Diary - 28th April + Code Geass R2 ramblings
[ ++ ] Diary - 29th April + Mizumi (Original Chara)

[ ++ ] Diary - 4th May (Yes, my all-time OTP is KiraLacus Death Note Kira btw and the Spinzaku!Lacus looked looked something like this.)
[ ++ ] Diary - 5th May + Code Geass R2 ramblings
[ ++ ] Doodle - Original Charas
[ ++ ] Diary - 7th May + Lacus (Gundam SEED Destiny)
[ ++ ] Doodle - My Maple Story chara looking like an original chara....
[ ++ ] Diary - 11th May + Sims 2!Hanako & Chika (Original Charas)
[ ++ ] Diary - 12th May + Code Geass R2 ramblings
[ ++ ] Diary - 13th May + failed!Shirley (Code Geass)
[ ++ ] Diary - 14th May (I was doodling with my head on the table, so my point of view/angles got messed up which is why the original chara on the right has a biiiig head and small hands. =_=;)

I want to do proper fanart someday... maybe one of Lelouch using his Geass on his own seiyuu (BEST THING EVER) and screaming into school lockers, like in that Sound Episode Special.
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Jeffers: Persona 3 - Minato groovin'geckguga on May 17th, 2008 03:25 am (UTC)
Yay~ Doodles. ;D I love your doodles especially the Code Geass ones, all the characters there are very hard to draw. I always fail. ;o;

Oh I really like you original characters doodle~ I can never draw a group picture like, with all the characters in proportion too. :o So pretty.

Btw, just a random question. When you scan your pictures are they actually drawn on size A4 paper and you cropped down? Because looking from your drawing it looks like the diary is size A5 or something, and I have ALWAYS wanted a diary (with no lines) as that size. ;o; my dream doodling diary...I must search for it.
The Queen of Lame and Typo Errors.: kaji aoi || hotter than youaestalitz on May 18th, 2008 03:13 am (UTC)
I think I fail at Code Geass too. I can probably draw only Euphie... probably...

Can't draw super-long hair, so I go DDDD: at Nunnally's hair.

That's not a group pic! XD;; It's more of profile/bust shots. I can't draw a group pic either, so many arms getting tangled up here and there.

I think it's A5? Is that half the size of A4? I can get one for you if you like, but it is a rather plain book with a black cover.
Jeffers: The world Ends with you - Group Hug? ♥geckguga on May 18th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
Of course not. You can draw more than just Euphie! :D Rollo is hard so we just have excuse him as well as Lulu. D: But your Kallen is really pretty. :D

Haha same! there is a length in which I like drawing, but when it hits over the hip length I just can't manage. Oh yes. Nunnally. DDDD: fringe and hair all so hard.

Oh sorry, I didn't know. D: It looked like one! Since they're all smiling happily, I don't really care how they're all just above each other which realistically you can't be. :3 Its really pretty. Ugh, all my head proportion are stuffed up in group pictures.

I think that's half...? That would be nice, but I don't want to bother you. ;o; Does it have a brand that I might find here? Btw, I'll send you the Bouncer game to you soon, even though you didn't tell me but I thought it might be nice since I'm be hibernating soon due to exams...D: